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 " The truth is the first casualty of war."
In war, truth is the first casualty. Aeschylus Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC - 456 BC)
"History is a pack of lies agreed upon" Napoleon Bonaparte

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Wall of Films | Films For Action - Great Selection Of Documentary Films.

Videos on the Topic of PROPAGANDA - On YouTube (use your best judgement and discernment)

More Proof That News is Controlled by a Central Script Writer/AP Wire [W/VIDEO] Just repeat the same information over and over again across the country and they will believe it. Funny but soo true! - See more at:

"PROPAGANDA" By - Edward Bernays Pioneer/Originator of Propaganda/Public Relations. His book "PROPAGANDA" copyright 1928 Read His Bio In Wikipedia To Understand Who He Was.

"Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country." Read PDF "PROPAGANDA" BY Edward Bernays

George Edward Creel - He served as the head of the United States Committee on Public Information, a propaganda organization created by President Woodrow Wilson during WWI.

Committee on Public Information in Wikipedia - The Propaganda agency used during WWI to influence U.S. public opinion. Edward Bernays was a CPI participant and later based his book Propaganda on their activities. See also Four Minute Men below

The Four Minute Men in Wikipedia - Some of the propaganda volunteer staff for CPI

Propaganda Illustrations/Posters in Google images by the Committee for Public Information (CPI) during WWI

View video Re: Senator Daniel Inouye on the shadow government during the Iran Contra Hearings

Article in Veterans Today - "The Shadow Government"

Photo of Book "Propaganda" available/read excerpts at Amazon

General Smedley Butler Bio in Spartacus Educational. Very interesting bio of U.S. most decorated general of his time.

Wikipedia bio on General Smedley Butler

Wikipedia book "War Is A Racket" copyright 1935 by General Smedley Butler

PDF of Book "War Is A Racket" copyright 1935 by General Smedley Butler the most decorated U.S. General of his time.

Photo of book "War Is A Racket" by General Smedley Butler available/read excerpts at Amazon

Bio of Prescott Bush Spartacus Educational

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt Website and Free E-Book Available

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt Conversations and Interviews on YouTube On The American Educational System and The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America. Also Visit Her Website Above

American Deception - This website is committed to exposing the deceptively hidden truths that have brought America, and the world as a whole, to the present situation, where individual freedom is becoming a thing of the past.