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"Although piracy is an interesting, fun and fascinating subject and easy to romanticize it in history, it was and "is" a very real part of American and world history as well as very real in modern times. In general it should not be taken too litely. However both the adventurous and romantic, as well as the serious and destructive forces of it, will be explored and linked here." See for interesting reading  and

A great source for documentaries

"The reality of piracy and illegal activity is it's done in the shadows, under a false (black) flag, the funding, or money trail is hidden, undetectable, uneasy to be followed or tracked (black money/ops/projects). Hidden from the checks and balances from the people, governments/congressional oversight. They lower or eliminate their cost of capital therefore raising their profits and financial gains." More reading (good place to start)

On a lighter romantic side of piracy - Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band - See his website

Listen to Jimmy Buffett on YouTube

Pirate Documentaries on YouTube

An Interesting Pirate Documentary A Pirate's Tale

Pirate Tales with Roger Daltrey on IMDb - One of the Best Pirate Documentaries ever made

Read about Colonialism in Wikipedia - A form or pirating/privateering of land or country by another government. Right or wrong? You be the judge.

EMPIRE AND COLONIALISM ? Read about John Perkins at and his lead to inform the world about how financial systems the IMF, World Bank, International Banking systems along with U.S./International Corporations and the U.S./World Governments control natural resources, oil, mineral rights, etc. through indebting third world countries with predatory lending, economic hit men and WAR to achieve their means and get what they want. All for profits. Just because it's not on the high seas with the eye patched buccaneers doesn't mean it's not piracy!

Listen to NPR podcast 03/27/13 Understanding International Tax Havens - How tax havens work and their effect on economies around the world - The Diane Rehm Show

Listen to NPR podcast 03/28/13 Peter Andreas: "Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America" - The Diane Rehm Show

Listen to NPR podcast 03/28/13 - The Future Of The CIA - Questions on drones, interrogation techniques and other clandestine operations - The Diane Rehm Show (you be the judge, piracy or privateers)