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View on YouTube Episodes from the series on the History Channel "Our Universe"

Flare Aware - Solar Storms impact our lives. When they happen, will you be aware?

Secrets of the Sun Documentaries on YouTube

Is our Sun Part of a Binary Star System? See Walter Cruttendens website

The Electric Sun - The Great Year Full Documentaries on Youtube


NASA Sun-Earth

What's Up NASA - View what's new

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Virgin Galactic

Play and Build in the UNIVERSE SANDBOX


The Online Planetarium Show

Xploration Station Xploration Awesome Planet, Xplortion Outer Space at - Tracking Space Junk



HUBBLESITE Space Telescope

View IMAX Hubble 3D: Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio on YouTube

Wernher Von Braun - videos on YouTube

View Powers of Ten (1977) on YouTube

View "Cosmic Voyage" Narrated by Morgan Freeman IMAX (1996) ON YouTube

Dr. Michio Kaku

Dr Michio Kaku Lectures on YouTube

WR 104 is a Wolf-Rayet star discovered in 1998

View Episodes of "Through The Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman on YouTube


Art Bell Dark Matter

What if a meteor, comet or rogue planet hit earth? Had one hit us in the past? Read about it by clicking here.

PDF of Book "Worlds In Collision" by Immanuel Velikovsky "Awesome proof that electric energy is the most powerful and dominating energy in the universe. Without it non of the elements would exist not too mention any physical matter including us... sobering thought." BBystrom


Titan: Saturns moon eerily looks like the Earth.

American Antigravity

Area51 Eye Witness News8 Investigates




United Nuclear

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